Assuna Song

Assuna Song

Assuna Song Founder



2005-2009 Shan Dong University Major in CN-EN interpretation



Professional Chinese- English interpretation TEM 8

Shanghai Senior Interpreter qualification

Member of Shenzhen Translation Association


CI =Consecutive Interpretation

SI=Simultaneous Interpretation



2019.01 JW marriott Hotel Design Progress Report Meeting Shenzhen  CI

2018.11 Technical meeting of IST Cologne, Germany CI

2018.11 Technical meeting of shenzhen listed Company Ruihe Construction and Engineering Corporation Shenzhen CI

2018.09 Business Meeting between Edmonton airport & SF Express CI Shenzhen

2018.06 Technical Meeting related to high-speed railway equipment, shield machine, earth pressure equipment  Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic CI

2018.05 Watmar battery technical meeting Shenzhen CI

2018.05 Financing meeting of meilice and Be Glen Cosmetics Tokyo, Japan CI

2018.04 Chemical industry exhibition Mumbai, India CI

2018.01 IPO Due diligence Meeting  Bangkok,Thailand, Mumbai, India CI

2017.11 Marc Polo incubator & Israel dental implant project Shenzhen CI

2017.10 BYD & German FLEX rail transit technology seminar CI Shenzhen

2016.09 Asidi investment meeting SI

2016.08 Shenzhen Travis Perkin internal auditing meeting CI

2016.08 Shenzhen UNESCO delegation & Buyi Culture promoter meeting CI

2016.07 MLC& Channel Business Meeting Hong Kong CI

2016.04 LED lamp technical meeting Shenzhen CI

2016.04 Crystal Energy& Ansell wastage treatment technical meeting Shenzhen CI

2016.04 Disruptor Beam mobile game meeting Shenzhen CI

2016.01Kong Kong Bridge Toys business meeting Hong Kong CI

2015.11Shenzhen Sino Alliance platform opening remark CI

2015.11 Shenzhen TUV board meeting CI

2015.07 Ebay webpage upgrading seller interview CI

2015.07 Shenzhen Yantian District Government& German Freighburg Economic Promotion Bureau &Barta Group round table mtg CI

2015.06 EB-5 Investment immigration Attorney & Investor meeting CI

2015.06 Evercore Investment Banking & Huawei,Tencent,ZTE meeting CI

2015.06 Liaison Interpreter for Shandong delegation on visit to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Vatican, &Austria

2015.05 Australian fashion Surfing Vest brand Rip Curl supplier meeting CI

2015.05 American Mercedes Medical Equipment Company supplier meeting CI

2015.05 Doove Female Mobile phone distributor meeting CI

2015.03 OCT Group Shenzhen Fashion Week opening press release CI

2015.03 3rd U.S. investment immigration forum CI

2015.01 Dubai Arab Health Show liaison interpreter

2014.12 Central Lancashire University  innovation of science and technology exhibition interpreter

2014.11 Ansell group & Guangzhou Honda cooperation conference interpretation

2014.9-10 American luxury mobile phone brand Brikk project interpreter

2014.08 U.S. Dermatech cosmetic raw materials distributor seminar CI  

2014.07 Michigan delegation & Shenzhen logistics company meeting CI

2014.07 Global internal logistics leader Interroll Round Table press release CI

2014.06 Flextronics group &Shenzhen inserting machine company business meeting CI

2014.05 German WEW Tank container inland logistics expert & Jiangmen weapon Company meeting CI

2014.04 Cesbon water advertising video shooting interpreter

2013.12 Australia Zspace TV Channel packaging and upgrade operation seminar CI

2013.12 GDC (graphic design in China ) interpreter for international judge Mr. Benjamin Bacon  

2013.12 Lecture on "How shenzhen was developed to the world's first in 30 years "keynote SI

2013.12 The Belgian fashion design tour

2013.11 Dongguan fiscal and taxation consulting Co., Ltd telephone conference interpretation

2013.09 Shenzhen MHL technology press release interpreter

2013.07 Chengdu ENI&Petro China Seminar CI

2013.03 Shenzhen Neck&Neck & Ecobe Conference interpretation

2012.10 Shenzhen Sheraton Hotel overseas investment immigration high-end forum CI for President Mr. Gorge Ekins of American Dream Fund

2012.10 New Delhi Indian handicrafts & gift show interpreter

2012.10 Manila Cebu, furniture Purchasing interpreter

2012.09 Shenzhen Finland Nokia group & Taiwan electronic capacitor technological meeting CI

2012.08 Dongguan Lian Hu water pumping station & German RENK bearing group technology meeting CI

2012.07 Shenzhen Netherlands Almere municipality Delegation & Shenzhen government conference meeting interpretation

2012.06 Shenzhen Swiss Watch Brand Forum CI

2012.06 Shenzhen New Zealand Enatel Electronics Co., LTD. & Russian mobile carrier Magafon technical meeting consecutive interpretation (Tele communication)

2012.0605-0616 Shenzhen People's Republic of China SAIC African English Speaking Countries Officials Law Training consecutive interpretation (including China's national conditions, and the Administrative Law of Industry and Commerce, Trademark Law, etc.)

2012.05 Guangzhou Imola Italian ceramic tile training CI

2012.05 Chengdu U.S. wal-mart Direct Farm project meeting CI (agricultural )

2012.04 Shenzhen Milan academy of fine arts and Tsinghai university graduate school of design workshop CI (fashion design)

2012.03 Shenzhen Bayer medical group national distributors' conference CI

2012.03 Shenzhen New Zealand greater China region tourism forum interpretation (tourism)

2012.02 Shenzhen France (Eurocave) Asia-pacific region wine training seminar SI

2012.02 India Mumbai New Delhi, handicrafts household adornment purchasing interpreter

2011.11 Shenzhen British consulate Delegation & Shenzhen Vocational Training Institute conference CI (vocational training education)


Demonstrated Interpreter Strengths

Information Adaptable

Accurate Fast Speaker

Standard English

Forum Expert

Fluent in English with clear pronunciation, competent on-site interpretation. Qualified for consecutive interpretation