Olivia Wu

Olivia Wu


Olivia Wu English Interpreter

Basic Information

Native languages: Madarin/Cantonese (Chinese)

Services: Consecutive/Simultaneous Interpreting, Translation

Foreign language: English

Based in: Guangdong, China


University of Bath      MA Interpreting and Translating   

Core curriculum: Simultaneous/Consecutive/Liaison Interpreting, Public Service Interpreting and Translation

Sun Yat-sen University  BA Interpreting and Translating                                                Core curriculum: Simultaneous/Consecutive Interpreting, Translation and Computer Aided Translation


China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters – Interpreter Level II

China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters – Translator Level II

Test for English Majors – 8

Professional Experience

Consecutive Interpreter & Event Production Assistant of Fortune Global Forum 2017

May 2017 – Dec 2017

Responsibilities: consecutive interpreting for preparatory meetings of 2017 Fortune Global Forum, including transportation meetings, security meetings, credential meetings, health meetings, catering meetings, performance meetings, press meetings, protocol and logistics meetings and so on.

Simultaneous Interpreter & Translator in Crystal Group

Responsibilities: simultaneous interpreting and translating between Mandarin/Cantonese and English for finance, production, business, administration and human resources departments in Elegance Industrial Co. Ltd.                      

Telephone Interpreter & Translator in China Mobile (PM)                             Oct 2015 – May 2016

Responsibilities: telephone interpreting and document translating between Mandarin and English for users of China Mobile in fields of business, transportation, border crossing, seeing a doctor and shopping; inspection of interpreting records; and management of regular training for team members.

Case List – Interpreting


2017.08        CI: Exhibitor Reception of PU China 2017

2017.05-2017.12 CI: Preparatory meetings of Fortune Global Forum 2017 (62 days)

2017.05        CI: Signing Ceremony between China Southern Airlines and Fortune Global Forum

2017.04        CI: Welcome Reception of 2017 APCAC Asia Pacific Business Summit for Times Industry

2017.01        SI: Crystal Group T-shirt & Sweater Division Annual Meeting

2016.12-2017.01 SI: Crystal Group BSC Focus Meeting (for 2 times)

2016.11        SI: Crystal Group Strategic Development of Sweater Division

2016.09-2017.01 SI: Crystal Group Executive Forum (for 3 times)

2016.09        SI: Crystal Group Costing Guideline for Handling

2016.08        SI: Crystal Group Leadership Training (6 days)

2016.07-2017.08 SI: Crystal Group 5YP Preparation Meeting (for 2 times)

2015.09-2017.08 CI: meeting among Crain Communications Ltd, Minmetals and CPUIA (for 5 times)

2015.08        CI: meeting between Gangpu Translation Ltd and a coffee manufacturer from Poland


2019.03        SI: Nanshan Aluminium Aviation Material Business Division Lean Training (5 days)

2016.09-2016.10 SI: Crystal Group Yarn Management Meeting (for 3 times)

2016.09        SI: Crystal Group Sample Expense Confirmation Meeting 

2016.08        SI: Crystal Group IE Forum (3 days)

2016.07        SI: Crystal Group Best Practice Sharing

2016.07-2016.09 Whispering: Crystal Group “Yarn+Knit=Fabric” (for 2 times)

2016.07-2016.12 SI: Crystal Group Overall Capacity Meeting (for 4 times)

2016.05-2016.09 SI: Crystal Group Lean Training (for 13 times)

2015.08        LI: Stand Construction of PU China (for 2 times)

2012.10-2013.10 CI: meeting between XinJiajiang Classical Furniture Factory and American

customers (for 2 times)


2018.10        CI: PWM APAC Summit– One-to-One Meetings (3 days)

2016.12        SI: Crystal Group ECC Development Training (4 days)

2016.11        SI: Crystal Group Audit and Tax Workshop (2 days)

2016.10        SI: Crystal Group Factory Budget Confirmation Meeting

2016.10-2017.01 SI: Crystal Group IIT Sharing (for 5 times)

2016.09        SI: Crystal Group SGA Confirmation Meeting

2016.06-2017.01 SI: Crystal Group Overall Revenue Meeting (for 2 times)

2016.06        SI: Crystal Group Finance Workshop (2 days)

2016.06-2016.12 SI: Crystal Group Overall Revenue Meeting (for 5 times)

Energy/Environmental Protection

2018.08        CI: “Teaspoons of Change” Seminar

2018.04        SI: 14th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building Bring Architecture Back to Life

2018.03        SI: WWF International Women’s Day Celebration

2018.03        SI: WWF Public Lecture on Environmental Protection

2017.09        SI: Science Based Targets Initiative China Community Seminar

2017.06        CI: China Oil Storage Consulting Meeting

2015.02        SI: Conference of Environmental Protection in the University of Bath

Food/Inspection & Quarantine/ Husbandry

2019.03        SI: #50 Best Talks of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019

2019.01        SI: International Gastronomy Forum, Macao 2019

2018.12        SI: 4th China Swine Industry Forum

2018.12        SI: 2019 Nestlé Infant Nutrition Kick-off Meeting

2018.04        CI: Third Bridge – Bird nest market in China (conference call)

2017.08        CI: China International Tree Nuts Conference 2017 – California Almonds Summit

2017.05        CI: South Australian Food & Beverage Business Matching (laws & regulations on imported food)

2017.05        CI: 2017 South China CAFIN Meeting


2017.09        SI: Xifu International Gold Wedding Jewellery Design Competition 2017

2017.05        SI: China-Guanlan Original Printmaking Base Sub-venue of the 13th China (Shenzhen) ICIF

2017.04        SIGlobal Original Design (Guangzhou) Round-Table Conference

2017.03        SI: My Contemporary Life Workshop (Interior Design) hosted by SANFI

2016.05-2017.05 LI: Unity 3D in G2E (6 days)

2010.10-2013.09 LI: musicians attending the Beishan International Jazz Festivals (for 4 times)

Human Resources/Public Relation/Corporate Social Responsibility

2017.04        LI: 15th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals

2016.12        SI: Crystal Group Sustainable Development Forum

2016.11        SI: Crystal Group Associate Year-End Appraisal

2016.10        SI: Crystal Group New Book Launch

2016.09        SI: Crystal Group P.A.C.E. program

2016.07        CI: Crystal Group Regent Brand Protection Sharing


2018.12        SI: 5th International Conference on Refrigeration Technology

2018.11        SI: China-Germany Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

2018.11        SI: meeting between Applypay and Lingnan Pass

2017.09        SI: China-Italy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition – Final

2017.09        SI: International Summit of Cloud Computing Resource and Industry Union Summit


2019.02        SI: (Cantonese-English) IPIM MICE Bidding Strategy Workshop

2018.11        SI: HNA Group – SEG International Hospitality Management Training (9 days)

2017.04        SI: Discussion Panel on Tourism and Travel, Opportunities for Bi-Directional Investment in Guam of 2017 APCAC Asia Pacific Business Summit

2017.04        SI: Discussion Panel on U.S. Travel and Immigration Options, Executive Orders of 2017 APCAC Asia Pacific Business Summit


2018.10        CI: Wuhan Municipal Education Research Group Training – “Rooted in China, Engaging with the World”

2018.10        CI: Wuhan Municipal Education Research Group Training – “Teachers Building Classrooms for Critical Thinking by Using Methods of Shared Inquiry”

2017.06        CI: 2017 Springer Nature China Academic Library Conference & International Seminar for Academic Books and Academic Journals

2015.06         CI: meeting between parents and teachers in the Hampshire Collegiate School, England     


2018.11        SI: 2018 Conference of the 5 Airports in Pearl River Delta

2018.11        SI: 2018 MA Series Aircraft Supplier Conference

2017.04        SI: Aviation Industry Panel Forum (undertaken by Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Commerce) of 2017 China (Guangdong) – U.S. Investment Cooperation Conference

Telecommunication/ Electronic Products

2017.09        LI: meeting between Formlabs and Elite Robotics

2017.03-2017.08 CI: meetings between Koss Corporation and Artsound International (for 2 times)

2016.05        CI: meeting between T-Smart and African customers (for 3 times)

International Affairs

2015.03        SI: Conference on Capital Punishment and Justice in the University of Bath

2015.02        SI: Conference on the Legalization of Prostitution in the University of Bath

2015.02        SI: Bath MUN 2015 (Sanctions against Iraq & State Responsibility to Protect) (2 days)


2015.05        SI: Stem Cell Research Conference in the University of Bath

2015 03        SI: Conference on the Legalization of Euthanasia in the University of Bath


2018.09        SI: The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (GD) International Communication Forum


2017.09        LI: JinShi Healthcare UK – field trip to nursing homes in China

Internship in International Organization

2015.02        SI: Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction 2nd Session of IMO

Case List – Translating


2017.04 (till now) Articles of luxury goods: fashion, jewellery, home design

2018.02        Introduction of Guangzhou Knowledge City

2016.05–2017.02 Crystal Group: corporate news, Executive Forum, Annual Meeting

2015.08-2015.10 CIPG: documents of attracting investment    

2014.08-2014.12 Yueyan Translation Company: Corporate Annual Reports

2013.05-2013.06 Zhuhai Ruixun Tec Company LimitedCredit Management and Debt Recovery


2018.03        Carl Schmidt Sohn Cookbook

2017.04        A speech about ten English great houses

2017.03        Sky Atlas International: tour description of American sites

2015.08-2015.10 CIPG: Tourism Advertisement   

2014.08-2014.12 Yueyan Translation Companyintroduction of tourist sites                                                     

2013.04-2013.05 Computer-aided Translation: a brochure of Portuguese Golf Resort (PM & Proofreader)


2019.01        Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) in the United States

2014.04-2014.12 Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen Universitycampus website


2017.07-2017.08 (Proofreading) of Maya tutorial video

2012.12-2013.04 Editor of news of IT industry


2016.05-2017.02 Crystal Group: signboards, Lean Training, Best Practice Sharing, IE Forum,

2013.07-2014.09 Huixun Tec Translation Companydocuments of industrial parks

Medical Treatment/Equipment

2017.01        Huangshi Hygienic Material Pharmacy Co., Ltd.: inspection of medical equipment   

2015.12        Operative reports

Maritime Affairs

2015.05-2015.08 Annotated Translation of Sailing Directions – on the Application of Skopos Theory in the Translation of Technical Text: postgraduate dissertation

2013.07-2014.09 Huixun Tec Translation CompanySailing Directions

Human Resources/Public Relation/Corporate Social Responsibility

2016.05-2017.02 Crystal Group: CSR, Brand Protection, Leadership Training, P.A.C.E., IIT, New Book Launch

Environmental Protection/Energy

2013.07-2014.09 Huixun Tec Translation CompanyAnnual Report of New Energy


2013.07-2014.09 Huixun Tec Translation Companyscripts