Melody Han

Melody Han


Simultaneous Interpreter (Mandarin, Cantonese, English)

Over 7-year experience in conference interpretation, covering fields of arts and design, architecture and real estate, finance and accounting, law, human resources, agriculture, consumer industry, medical equipment, jewelry, manufacturing and technologies in different occasions including academic forum, seminar, press conference, opening ceremony, gala, etc.


Education Background

Shenzhen University, B.A, major in English Translation and Interpretation




Hong Kong Crystal International Group

Simultaneous Interpreter & Senior Training Officer


China Printmaking Museu Simultaneous Interpreter


China Daily Shenzhen Bureau Trainee Journalist


Consular Department of Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's GovernmentIntern


InterpretationCasesSimultaneous Interpretation (SI), Consecutive Interpretation (CI), Liaison Interpretation (L

Mar 2019 

Qianhai Overseas Investment Seminar—Israeli Medical Project Roadshow, SI

2019 Pearl River Forum on International Education, SI

Nanshan Aluminum Group Aviation Material Business Division----Boeing Lean Training Wcine Traceability System Standard, SIFerroalloy Net 16th Intentional Chrome & Nickel Products Summit, SI

Ferroalloy Net 15th Intentional Manganese Products Summit, SI

Super EOS Community Hong Kong Training and Conference (blockchain), SI

Feb 2019

2019 Zung Fu China Annual Dinner, SI

Interior Design Meeting of JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Baoan, CI

Seminar on Vaccine Traceability System Standard, SI

The Second Italy-Greater Bay Area Innovation Road (roadshow), SI

Annual Gala of Shenzhen Silk Road Innovation Commercial Association, SI

Lecture of American Architect Michael Rotondi in CAPOL Shenzhen, CI

Jabil Green Point Technology 2019 Annual Party, SI

Dec 2018

The Third Innovation Day of ZRP (printing & packaging), SI

World Eco-Design Conference, CI

Global Youth Entrepreneurs Forum (Qianhai), SI

2018 CFBR 5th China Family Business Heritage Forum & CEIBS 7th China Family heritage Forum,SI

Seminar on Intellectual Property Law and Practice in China ACLA Intellectual Property Committee Annual-Conference 2018, SI

China Non-Performing Loan Investment—Global & Local Partners Dialogue Closed-door Meeting, SI

Greater Bay Area Robotics and AI Summit, SI

Nov 2018

2018 DOA Forum, SI-Topics covered: DOA technology, Handle system, identifier resolution technology applications

LEEVAN Art Fair Opening Gala, SI-CSIA-ICCAD 2018 Annual Conference & Zhuhai IC Industry Innovation and Development Summit, SI-Topics covered: semiconductor industry outlook, IC design, smart chips

Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit on Equipment Manufacturing, SI

China Photovoltaic Technology and Innovation Summit, SI

China Hi-Tech Fair—the 2nd International Technology & Finance Summit, SI

MGS Entertainment Show (game & entertainment industry), SI

Southern University of Science and Technology Annual Research Symposium, SI

UK Royal Air Force Red Arrows’ Visit to Shenzhen Airline, CI

The 12th Shenzhen International Finance Expo: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Finance Forum, SI

The 2nd Global Unmanned System Conference, SI

China Intellectual Property & Innovation Summit 2018, SI

Oct 2018

AristoCrat 2019 Financial Year Kick-off Meeting(game and entertainment industry), SI

Dalian Commodity Exchange Iron Ore Futures Overseas Business Training,  SI

Global Congress on Biometrics Identification, SI

“Building Your Smart Future”--Ping An Cloud Product Launch, SI

2018 Silk Road Business Summit—the 1st Zhangjiajie International Tourism Forum & Silk Road Urban -Alliance Round Table Conference, SI

2018 China Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry Forum—Development & Application of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, SI

Sep 2018

AIB(American Institute of Baking)Intermediate Training 

2018 FAOPMA Pest Summit——Session II & International PCO Lecture, SI

The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (Guangdong) International Communication ForumScientific and Technological Innovation Promotes High Quality Development (parallel forum), SI

2018 ITA Asia Tin Week, SI

Italy Marangoni Institute (Shenzhen school) Post-graduate Program, CI

CISTIC Israel International Incubator Management Elite Course, SI

UNIDO “Assistance to Development of Green Industry in Fujian Province” Project Committee Meeting, SI

UNESCO “Teaspoons of Change” Education Lecture in Southern University of Science and TechnologyEducation Group, CI

GWALL Warehouse Management System interface design meeting, CI

Aug 2018

SYTECH New Energy Vehicles Range Extender Roadshow, CI

Armani Product Training, SI (Cantonese-English)

Blockchain The Future ----The 2nd BlockInvest Summit, SI

Jul 2018

APAC Blockchain Innotech Summit, SI

International Jet Sports Boating Association 2018 World Cup preparatory meeting(San Francisco), CI

Jun 2018

2018 Sino-US Entrepreneurship & Incubation (China) Forum, SI

Drone World Congress 2018—Geography Mapping UAV New Technology Forum, SI

Drone World Congress 2018—UAV Industry Development Forum, SI

2018 Shenzhen Aerospace and Aviation Industry Innovation—Driven Forum and Project Roadshow, SI

International Bodyshop Industry Symposium China 2018(2018 IBIS), SI

Europe-China Eco Cities Link- Zhuhai: CNU Training and Expert Review Meeting in Resilient City

Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court (a drug smuggling case), CI

Foxconn’s 30th Year--Integrated Economy and Development Summit, SI

May 2018

“Successful Power Spot Trading in Europe: Status-quo and Future” live streaming lecture, SI

Sponsorship Signing Ceremony of Leader Finance and Portuguese National Football Team, CI

2018 Tencent Cloud + Future Summit—Automotive SessionCI

2018 the 8th China International Energy Storage Conference—Telecommunication Energy Storage Session, Energy Storage Battery Session, Distributed Photovoltaic & Energy Storage System Session, Energy Storage and New Energy Investment Session, SI

2018 Guanlan Forum—Printmaking Collections in Public Art Institutions, SI

Roadshow of SYTECH New Energy Vehicle Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle System, CI

Apr 2018

2018 Metering China Conference & Exhibition—Water Metering Session, SI

ACC Technologies Company Limited, Artificial Intelligence Market Analysis Sharing, CI

“Future City”Mind Park, CI for media interview

China-Italy, China-US, China-UK International Best Start-up Showcase (Shenzhen, Longhua), CI

Strategy Meeting of Xi’an Silk Road International Exhibition and Conference Center, CI

China Israel Innovation Center (CIIC) Israel Project Roadshow-Shenzhen Station, SI

2018 China Canada Artificial Intelligent Entrepreneur Summit, CI

2018 the 8th G20 B2B Real Estate Immigration Industry Summit, SI

Mar 2018

2018 Landmark Group Supplier Meet—Preparing for the MEGA Transformation, CI

2018 China Cross-border E-commerce Summit (Shenzhen session), SI&CI

Police Detention Center of Bao’an District Shenzhen (an illegal immigration suspect cross-examination)

Jan 2018

BI-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture—Architecture as Media Transforming the City Forum/Luisa

Collina (Vice Rector and Dean of School of Design, Polytechnic di Milano) media interview, CI

Nov 2017

The Belt and Road Initiative—HNA CSR Forum (public welfare/welfare big data), SI

Canola Council of Canada Press Conference (Canola oil/edible oil nutrition facts), SI

Canada Canola Meal Seminarseed meal/swine diet), SI

42017 ZTE Global Partners Day—Logistics Service (smart logistics), SI

Oct 2017

“Belt and Road Initiative” Kazakhstan Investment Day-Hong Kong, SI

Jul 2017

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Summary Conference of 2016-2017 Academic Year, SI

China Real Estate Green Bond Conference (Real estate/Financing)SI

The 2017 Faculty and Staff New Year Party of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, SI

Nov 2016

Shenzhen International Drone Industry Exchange Seminar (Technology/drone), SI

Jun 2016

Oasis Capital Alaska Property Investment Function, CI

May 2016

Singapore Asia Pacific Research Center, Leaning Production Training, SI

Jan 2016

Public Art Thematic Exhibition Academic Forum organized by Ministry of Culture of PRC, SI

Oct 2015

015 Asian Professional Security Association annual conference, SI

Aug 2015

2015 NHT International Success Forum (7,000 attendees), SI

May 2012

China Printmaking Museum, SI

May 2016

2016/05 Guanlan Linking and Sharing Forum, SI

2015 Guanlan International Print Biennial, opening ceremony & Seeking Common Ground Forum, SI

2014 China Printmaking Museum—Museum and Print Art Ecology Forum, SI

2014 Opening Ceremony and Forum for the China Printmaking Museum, SI

The Opening Ceremony of 2013 GuanLan International Print Biennial, SI

The 8th China International Cultural Industries Fair, Guanlan Original Printmaking Base Seminar, SI

Nov 2015

2015 Graphic Design in China International Jury Panel Lecture (200 attendees), CI

Jul 2014

The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź, Lithography Summer Course (Poland), CI

APEC Cross-Border E-Commerce Training Workshop, SI

PTW Architects project meeting, CI


Publication Translation

Nov 2012017GDC Graphic Design in China Works Catalog, 20,000 words

May 2014 2014 Guanlan Forum: Museum and Print Art Ecology, Yunnan Press