SONG Xue (Assuna Song), founder of Assuna Language service Agency , co-founder two Chinese local translation and interpretation companies, is a high-end freelance interpreter based in the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. Graduated from Shandong University with dual degree in mathematics and English, Assuna established and is now chairing two companies:Shenzhen Huanuobaisi Culture Business Consulting Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Mulan Culture Education Training Technology Co., Assuna Language Service Agency is well-known language service supplier at home and abroad. The agency is also engaged in creative business copywriting, event planning and marketing.
Assuna Language Service Agency is a team of good-looking, highly-educated, well-trained and passionate interpreters with abundant knowledge and translation experiences. We accurately position ourselves as creative helpers and the participants of translation activities instead of cold and insensitive language machines. We have provided translation and interpretation services to exhibitions, trade shows, large scale enterprises, organizations, government bodies, embassies, consulates, design institutions, film crews, investment banks, and publishers. We have also provided conference interpreting and simultaneous interpreting service all over the world.


E-mail: assuna2008@gmail.com

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Adress:Yi Le Garden,Buji Hongmian Road,Longgang District,Shenzhen