Teleconference translation project

Teleconference translation projectTeleconference translation project


The demand of office building often can reflect the economic development situation of a district. We are willing to spend money to rent some high-grade office building if we have more money. A big drop in office prices would be a sign that the economy is in bad shape. Recently, the collapse of office prices in Shenzhen has once again triggered the discussion and Shenzhen has once again become the focus of hot discussion. Some financial enterprises are not developing smoothly and the economic situation is not good. Many enterprises are reducing the office space.


Some companies with overseas business regularly conduct video or teleconference with overseas departments, which has become the mainstream trend of office. The translation requirements are more stringent because voice conferences are used to evaluate the listening ability of the translator. Assuna Translation Agency make great efforts to meet the clients ’demands.


Assuna Translation Agency provides a telephone conference service about Shenzhen garment factory cooperation with overseas Bangladesh factory.Though they stayed in different places,the project was completed successfully.


Assuna Translation Agency was founded in 2013. It is committed to providing the best quality, the most professional and convenient language services for global enterprises. All cooperating teachers must pass strict test before work.

We have been working hard to build a professional language service brand, which is a popular professional translation company in the market. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.